Scott McWatt is a contemporary singer-songwriter from Glasgow. Known in the industry as the hardest working musician in Scotland, he has played everywhere from New York to New Street captivating audiences wherever he goes.

Scott’s influences are made up of those who share his transcendent outlook on life, including heroes like Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen and Counting Crows. Despite writing songs and lyrics since the age of 14, Scott didn’t own or know how to play a guitar until he was 18. As a youngster, his family couldn’t afford to buy him a guitar and instead was gifted one from a friend who he then played in a band with.

With a lot of encouragement from his grandmother, Scott taught himself how to play guitar and write all sorts of different songs. After dabbling in various bands, Scott finally settled as a solo artist. His music is brimming with stories, tales from his life he has spun into songs.

2020 was a uniquely challenging year for the entire human race.  Forced into solitary isolation, Scott manifested this period into a use of his creativity, digging deep into his soul and past lives. He has audibly matured and evolved, creating a new blend of earthy folk combined with Americana, whilst maintaining  loyalty to his Scottish roots.